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Attention ! La course Iron Man passe par Eben Emael ce dimanche !

Info de dernière minute. Nous apprenons, par Facebook, que l’épreuve cycliste de l'édition Iron Man 2018 passe par Eben-Emael et crée certaines perturbations. Mieux vaut éviter le village…

« The 3.8-kilometer course includes one loop of the Meuse river, with cheering fans lining the banks and surrounding bridges. Athletes will swim 1.9 kilometers past the cultural-historic centre of Maastricht, under a Roman bridge, and towards the provincial government building. All athletes exit and re-enter the water and swim with the current back to the start. The two-loop, 180 km bike course laps through Maastricht and the surrounding Limburg landscape, taking in the beautifully scenic and slightly technical runs through the iconic hills and mountains of Bemelerberg (Eijsden-Margraten), Geulhemmerberg (Valkenburg), and Hallembaye (Bassenge). The four-loop, 42.2-km run course runs straight through the historic city centre. »

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